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Welcome to Study Map!

Have you ever heard a child say that school is boring, that it's too hard, or that they just plain hate it? If so, you're in the right place. Our goal is to show that learning can be fun!

The magic of education is all around us, everywhere you look in the world, and you can learn about it in many different ways, from fun computer games to hands-on activities. Once you put down that dry textbook for a few minutes and try some more creative ways to discover the wonders of math, music, science, and social studies, you're likely to find school much easier and much more interesting, too.

School isn't just for geeks, for engineers, rocket scientists, and professors scribbling on blackboards. Learning can be interesting for everyone, and with this site, we hope to prove it to you.

Our site might not be Hogwarts, but we think that learning is pretty magical, and once you click around here a bit, we hope you'll start to agree with us. Come on in and explore!

So what sort of content will you find here? Think science, math, geography, music... We've got a pretty great variety and we hope you will agree!

If you want to know WHY we do what we do and who is responsible take a look at our About Us page where each of our contributors talks a little about their background and why they got involved.