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We're so glad that you've found your way to Study Map! The content on our site has been created by teachers and experts in each of our different subject areas to provide a comprehensive and fun website for all our visitors! Children and adults alike can learn something new with just a little browsing!

Check out the sections below to learn more about each of our experts and why they came together to make Study Map a reality!

Our Astronomy Experts

Our solar system, and space in general, are so fascinating because there's so much to discover. While scientists and organizations like NASA have already been able to learn so much, there's still so much out there to explore. We have eight major planets in our own solar system, and they include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Here's a fun fact for you: Did you know that Mercury is the first of the four terrestrial plants? This means that it's a planet that is mostly made up of rock, like ours. The other three, which are all closest to the sun, are Venus, Earth, and Mars. It's also worth mentioning that Mercury is actually the smallest of the four terrestrial planets. Its iron core accounts for about three-quarters of its diameter.

Our science content was was created by Andrew Bassett and Laura Henne, two science teachers from Texas. Bassett has been teaching elementary school for more than two decades now, and he majored in astronomy during his undergraduate studies in Maryland. Meanwhile, Henne, a 12-year classroom veteran, grew up surrounded by the world of astronomy, as her father was an engineer who worked as a subcontractor for NASA during her childhood.

We're very much looking forward to connecting with everyone here on Study Map, and we truly hope that you'll find all of the resources here to be very helpful. Who knows? Maybe you could discover a new planet, solve a great mystery about the cosmos, or even travel into space yourself someday!

Our Music Experts

Through the Study Map website we are so excited to share with you some of the music education resources we've collected and created for you. Our team of dedicated musicians, educators, and enthusiasts are dedicated to providing you with the quality music education resources you need to add to your child's education and skill development plan.

With an education and background in elementary music education, Laurence Boyd begin developing the music content for Study Map when he found that he struggled to find the resources he wanted to share with his two daughters, Jessica and Emily. He began by simply bookmarking all of the resources he had personally collected, then eventually decided to share the resources as a collection for other parents and music educators.

Much like Laurence, Kelly Ackford has a background in elementary music education. She also has experience in music therapy and fully believes in the power of sound and perseverance. Kelly has helped many families make the most out of music, for the benefit of their children and takes great satisfaction in sharing her knowledge and experience online.

Our Math Experts

Do you want to get to know the magicians behind the math content on Study Map? OK, we're not real magicians: We're just muggles with no magical abilities at all. But we do think that math is magical, in its own way. Who are we? Here are the math "wizards" on the Study Map team:

Chloe Pedersen has been an elementary school teacher for 15 years. She has a B.S. in mathematics as well as a master's in elementary education, and her favorite topic to teach is money math: It's fun to help children learn about one of the most basic ways that math applies to everyone's life every day. When she's not teaching, Chloe enjoys baking cookies, knitting, and hiking with her husband, Tony.

Lily Stevens is a licensed clinical social worker, and she's also a mother of three boys. Her favorite math topic is logic: She liked learning about different types of logic statements and figuring out truth tables in school. In her spare time, Lily likes doing sudoku and crossword puzzles and bingeing on Netflix.

Joshua Olsen is a stay-at-home dad with two children, Dustin and Robin. His favorite math topic is geometry. He also enjoys swimming, skating, and rock-climbing as well as going camping with his family.

Our Geography Experts

Study Map aspires to be a fun source of information that can help children learn more about geography and the world around us. Many Americans have a difficult time recognizing or filling out locations on a world map: We hope we can help turn this around! Personally, we think maps are pretty cool. We also want to encourage diversity and an appreciation for the many rich cultures throughout the world.

Our Study Map geography experts are Katherine Liu and Viola Pentland. We are a middle-school social studies teacher and a sixth-grade teacher, respectively. Both of us share a passion for teaching children about geography and all of the many cultures and places there are to explore in this beautiful world of ours.